Why Mediation or Collaborative Law?

Rodney is often asked, “Why should I use mediation or the collaborative law process to settle my differences with my spouse or partner? What are the benefits over litigation?”

Following are just some of the benefits:

  • Agreements reached by you and your spouse in mediation or collaboration are much more likely to be honored, which reduces the necessity of enforcement proceedings and legal fees.
  • It keeps you in control of your own divorce process.
  • It is respectful, reduces family stress, and is much better for your children.
  • It is more affordable.
  • You’ll never set foot in a courtroom.

Learn More

If you and your spouse/partner would like to discuss your situation, Rodney N. Johnson offers an in-person, free one-half hour consultation. When it is appropriate, he can discuss a flat fee.

Please contact the Law & Mediation Offices of Rodney N. Johnson.