Rodney N. Johnson helps couples resolve their legal issues fairly and respectfully through mediation, collaborative law, and as a private judge.

“I believe that families are the basis of our society. If I can help one family at a time to go through the trauma and difficulties of a divorce in a respectful and amicable manner, then I have helped that family, and I have contributed my part to the betterment of our society as a whole.” 

– Rodney Johnson

For more than 30 years, Attorney Rodney N. Johnson, has helped couples resolve their legal issues through mediation, collaborative law, and as a private judge. He believes that it is far better for couples to sit down together to discuss solutions, rather than resorting to contentious litigation and putting their fate in the hands of the court.

Since Rodney is able to draw from his broad and extensive experience, he can develop a customized process that meets the needs of the couple. He has a creative approach and a deep understanding of what people are going through emotionally when facing a divorce.

A innovator and visionary leader in the field of mediation and collaborative law, Rodney has advised hundreds of couples.

Rodney helps couples on every aspect of family law, including:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages
  • Child custody and parenting agreements
  • Move away cases
  • Child and spousal support
  • Complex and simple property division
  • Division of stock options and restricted stock units
  • Division of retirement assets
  • Business evaluations
  • Premarital and postnuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements

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If you and your spouse/partner would like to discuss your situation, Rodney N. Johnson offers an in-person, free one-half hour consultation. When it is appropriate, he can discuss a flat fee.

Please contact the Law & Mediation Offices of Rodney N. Johnson.