“My mission is to help couples resolve their legal issues without hostility or blame.”

– Rodney Johnson

Rodney N. Johnson
Rodney N. Johnson

Attorney Rodney N. Johnson is a trailblazer and visionary leader in the field of mediation and collaborative law. Once a litigation attorney, today he is a full-time divorce and family law mediator, collaborative law attorney and private judge. Experienced and compassionate, he helps couples resolve their legal issues respectfully, and with a genuine sense of fairness.

Rodney mediated his first divorce case in 1980, when there were no other attorneys in Marin County mediating divorce cases. He quickly recognized mediation as a way to help families move through the pain and trauma of divorce in a less divisive, more healing manner. In 1988, Rodney founded the Mediation Attorneys of Marin, which was a group of like-minded attorneys who were interested in moving out of litigation into mediation.

In the early 1990s, Rodney heard about collaborative law, an alternative to mediation, where both parties are represented by attorneys who are committed to negotiating a settlement. In 1995, he founded the Collaborative Attorneys of Marin and in 2005 formed the Collaborative Attorneys and Mediators of Marin (CAMM), which he still leads.

In 2005, Rodney was appointed by the Marin County Superior Court to serve as a settlement judge for litigated divorce cases and still serves in that capacity.

Rodney often conducts trainings for attorneys in both mediation and collaborative law.

Professional background

Rodney N. Johnson graduated from Northwestern University Law School and was admitted and practiced law in the State of Illinois in 1966. He practiced law in Chicago for five years before moving to California and was admitted to the California State Bar in 1972. He first established his practice in San Francisco, and in 1979 he moved his practice to San Rafael, California, where he has practiced ever since.

Judge Pro Tem for the Marin Superior Court

Marin County Superior Court

Rodney is an appointed Judge Pro Tem (settlement judge) of the Marin Superior Court for the Family Court Bench Bar Settlement Conference Program. Marin County has a very unique program in that before a litigated case gets set for trial, the parties have to appear at a Bench Bar Settlement Conference. The conference is conducted by a panel consisting of a Judge Pro Tem and two volunteer attorneys. 

The parties and their attorneys present their side to the panel, who are there to help them settle their case, if possible, before they go to trial. This is a very successful program in that 75-80% of these cases are settled, rather than going to trial. Settling a case saves the parties additional attorneys fees and many hours of court time.

A love of music, art and family

In addition to the creativity that Rodney finds in his law practice, he is also a guitar player, singer and songwriter. He enjoys writing original songs and singing them as a duet with his wife, Ginny. In 2018, they recorded their second CD of original songs.

A few years ago, an artist friend invited Rodney into his studio and put two 4’ x 6’ canvases in front of him. Although Rodney had never considered himself an artist, he soon discovered a new creative outlet. In addition to his passion for music and art, Rodney works out daily at the gym and enjoys hiking and swimming.

Rodney is the father of three sons and nine grandchildren. He truly has an abundance of life experiences that he brings to his mediation practice. His creativity is a real plus as he encourages people to “think outside the box.”

Rodney’s wife, Ginny, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples through the divorce process. Together, they offer a team approach both in mediation and collaborative law.

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If you and your spouse/partner would like to discuss your situation, Rodney N. Johnson offers an in-person, free one-half hour consultation. When it is appropriate, he can discuss a flat fee.

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