Private Judge

“Some couples reach an impasse in their divorce process and need someone who is a neutral person to make decisions for them. Having a private judge do this for them provides a simpler, less formal, and more efficient process than going to court.”

– Rodney Johnson

Sometimes couples need someone to hear both sides of the story and make a legal judgment. In that case, they may request the services of a private judge. Since 2000, Attorney Rodney N. Johnson has served as a private judge, helping couples resolve their divorce or family law issues.

Rodney utilizes his experience as a Judge Pro Tem for the Marin County Superior Court to help resolve cases as a private judge. He can issue an order if the party can’t reach an agreement on any or all of the issues. This process can be used in either simple marital dissolutions or in complex and highly publicized cases.

How the private judge process works

There’s a series of meetings with the spouses (and their attorneys, if applicable) and Rodney in his office. Once all of the facts have been gathered, Rodney makes a legal decision as to the couple’s unresolved issues. That decision becomes the judgment of the court, and Rodney files it with the court.

Advantages to having a private judge

  • It is more private than a public court trial
  • It is more expedient and efficient

Learn More

If you and your spouse/partner would like to discuss your situation, Rodney N. Johnson offers an in-person, free one-half hour consultation. When it is appropriate, he can discuss a flat fee.

Please contact the Law & Mediation Offices of Rodney N. Johnson.