Testimonials for Attorney Rodney N. Johnson

“Rodney Johnson successfully mediated a divorce settlement that many times seemed doomed for court. His decades of experience, extreme patience and empathy, as well as his knowledge of Marin County divorce court proceedings, are attributes not normally found in his field. Rodney loves his work and this played a major role in the mediation. His encouragement to keep negotiating until both sides were satisfied served us well in the end. The process took less than 7 meetings and saved tens of thousands of dollars. 

I found him through 3 referrals who had similar, successful settlements. Highly recommended!”

Kathy K.
Tiburon, CA

“I called Rodney 3+ years after my divorce to request a document, which led to a heartfelt thanks. Rodney loves what he does and because of that, he pushes the boundaries to insert his heart and compassion where the law may reflect none. Rodney Johnson is cut from the cloth of balance – whether you are a man or woman, in his office you are just human to Rodney and he will be a rock of knowledge and experience for his clients who seek an ethical, safe and cathartic experience – this is where you go to wipe the dust from your eyes and find clarity, see the good in what is sad and be heard so you can manage the process gracefully.”

Glenn S.
San Anselmo, CA

“Rodney is a natural mediator, who is both compassionate and skillful, as well as genuinely interested in helping his clients achieve the best outcome possible. I have seen Rodney help clients through both challenging times (divorces) as well as happy times (working with couples about to be married). He blends his solid knowledge of the law and many years of handling family law cases with his easy-going personality to help anxious clients feel at ease and help them to achieve their goal of reaching agreements together.

Rodney is both a mediator and a private judge, and I have seen him as a settlement conference Judge Pro Tem in the court, expertly handle multiple complex cases at a time – including managing attorneys who were making the situation more difficult for their clients – with skill and grace to help the parties reach complete agreements. And I have seen the well-earned gratitude from the parties for Rodney’s dedication to helping them through the difficult time to put an end to the disputes in a fair and balanced manner.”

Paula L., Mediator
San Francisco, CA

“Rodney Johnson was successful in keeping us out of court in a contentious divorce. My ex shopped lawyers during the entire process, trying to achieve a different result. I didn’t deviate from Rodney because he was honest, and I felt that he had my best interests at heart. Divorce is hard, and Rodney helped me navigate through it. He prepared me for a realistic outcome and by avoiding court, I was able to move forward with my life more quickly and affordably.”

Denise M.
Fairfax, CA